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2020-01-22 08:00 Mar 02, 2018 The Torchlight 2 Essentials modpack is a collection of, well, essential mods. The mods in this pack are all heavy in content, such as new classes, new dungeons, and new pets, but are still

SynergiesMOD. SynergiesMOD is a full conversion mod for Torchlight 2, adding alternative leveling dungeons, New monster types (Elite, Hero, Rare Dragons, Ancient Trolls and World bosses), 3 new classes (Necromancer, Warlock, Paladin) best torchlight 2 mod classes Q: What this mod does? A: It adds new playable classes to the Torchlight 2 game. Q: How many classes are there? A: 15 as of 9 fullfledged and 6 thematic ones. Q: What's the difference between fullfledged and thematic classes

Welcome to Runic Games Fansite, the premier torchlight 1 and torchlight 2 modding community, courtesy of ModDrop. Discover new Classes, Items, Maps, Pets, Monsters, Characters, Skills, Spells, Weapons and UI mods. Weve integrated the ModDrop mod manager, making it easy to download and install mods with just one click. best torchlight 2 mod classes

The Torchlight 1 Class Pack (TL1CP), is another class mod that adds the 3 original classes from TL1 to TL2, but improved to fit into the TL2 mechanics. Then there are various Campaign mods like, Indocilis: The revenge, Renac Rising, and Adventure Pack. Then you have all the mods with different quality of life effects, like more pets, I've been playing Torchlight II for a while on Synergies and I'm getting a bit bored of the vanilla classes. I looked through the workshop but all the modded classes are a little underwhelming because most of them just reuse skills from the vanilla classes. Steam Workshop: Torchlight II. Adds 7 of my personal favorite class mods and a ton of updates to the original 4 classes! These are NOT MY MODS (original authors feel free to smite me)! I just organized them in a one stop shop fo best torchlight 2 mod classes Oct 19, 2012 For Torchlight II on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled What is the best and most fun class? . Torchlight 2 was released yesterday. Torchlight 2 class guide. By Phil Savage It answers the old which elemental damage is best question by firing five homing bolts that do Mar 02, 2018  Torchlight 2, one of the best dungeon crawling loot fests on PC, has a lively modding community, adding tons of new content and balancing the game. These mods range from minor, like

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