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2019-12-09 23:37 Rabbits are typically viewed as the perfect pet for a child cute, fluffy, lowmaintenance. All you need is a cage, some sawdust, and some brightly colored rabbitmix, and our children will be

Classroom Pets. Pets in the Classroom is a new grants program supporting responsible pet care in U. S. grammar school classrooms. Pets can change kids lives for the better, and a classroom is a great place to become acquainted with animals. RaisingRabbits has received no compensation for this review of the Pets in the Classroom program. are rabbits good class pets Rabbits Like guinea pigs, rabbits are also able to tolerate handling by young children and have minimal care requirements, Dr. Fobian says. Theyre intelligent, affectionate, and social, and require daily interaction with people or other rabbits in addition to a large enough habitat to run and exercise comfortably, according to Pets in the Classroom.

Rabbits as Classroom Pets. Classroom pets are an important way to forge healthy childpet relationships, and its important for teachers to educate themselves on which type of pet is best for their classroom. One popular choice of classroom pet is the domestic rabbit, which can make a wonderful pet, but also has some special requirements. are rabbits good class pets

The word is out on rabbits as house pets, and numerous rabbitfocused organizations maintain websites that attract potential owners and offer profiles of adoptable rabbits. The Internet also makes it easy for new owners to get the information and support they need to care for rabbits as house pets. Your pet rabbit needs playtime and toys. Cottontail (# 2) loved pushing this ball round around. He got along well with the cat. Like our family's rabbits, she had Eddy until he died. I would agree that rabbits make good pets. Thanks for the fun photos and I look forward to reading more. Dee. Fri, Dec 18, 2009: Aug 24, 2013  There are many different types of dwarf rabbits including a Netherlands Dwarf, among others. Find out if dwarf rabbits are good pets with help from are rabbits good class pets Mar 21, 2009 I love animals and I would say yes, rabbits are good pets to have. Inside and outside of your home. One thing I should warn you about is that there cage has to be cleaned out weekly and refreshed daily unless you will get a unhappy rabbit and a undelightful odor. Jun 27, 2008 Is a pet mini lop Rabbit a good pet? I really want to get a small pet, to come home to and take out of his cage and let him hangout with me and play with him, im really stuck on what pet to get! anyway are mini lop rabbits or dwarf rabbits worth getting? price wise and all? Jan 26, 2017 Do Rabbits Make Good House Pets? As any rabbit owner will tell you, bunnies are just as cuddly, playful, and smart as your average dog or cat. However, they are more highmaintenance and require consistent, daily care. Top 10 Worst Classroom Pets. More Slideshows From petMD. So, why dont snakes make good classroom pets? Their unpredictable temperament (especially when molting) can result in aggressive behavior towards inquisitive children. and to be set free daily so they can roam. Even considering taking a pet chinchilla to class for one day is

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