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2019-12-08 02:50 Water Oak Quercus nigra. It can thrive in a variety of soil types, including heavy, compacted soil and wet, swampy areas. This tree can be used effectively as a shade or street tree due to its versatility, but it is most frequently used to restore bottomland hardwood forests in the Southeast on land that was previously cleared for agriculture or pine plantations.

Jan 06, 2019 A water oak is a deciduous tree with a comparatively short life span. It is a member of the red oak family; the botanical name of this tree is Quercus nigra. Native to the U. S. , the water oak can grow in any soil type and has small leaves in comparison with many other oak types. water oak tree classification Species Quercus myrtifolia Willd. myrtle oak P: Species Quercus neopalmeri Sudw. ex Palmer hybrid oak P: Species Quercus neotharpii A. Camus hybrid oak P: Species Quercus nessiana Palmer hybrid oak P: Species Quercus nigra L. water oak P: Species Quercus oblongifolia Torr. Mexican blue oak P

Water oak (Quercus nigra) is found in the southeastern and south central states of the U. S. and is part of the red oak family. Traits that aid in water oak identification include leaves that only fall well into winter and that are most often shaped like a spatula. Also, water oak leaves have a lobe that likes a drop of water is hanging from the leafs end. Alternate Common Name: None; Average Height: Water oak is a water oak tree classification

With their sweeping branches and glossy, thickly growing leaves, oak trees are a staple of many lawns. Two popular specimens are the live oak (Quercus virginiana) and the water oak (Quercus nigra). Southern wetland flora: Field office guide to plant species. South National Technical Center, Fort Worth. South National Technical Center, Fort Worth. Provided by USDA NRCS Wetland Science The oak tree is classified under the genus Quercus, a Latin word meaning 'oak tree It belongs to the beech family (Fagaceae). Other than evergreen and deciduous oak trees, the species also includes smaller plants or oak shrubs. water oak tree classification Water oak: Quercus nigra. Trees bear seeds by age 20. Water oak grows in a variety of habitats including mixed forests, fence rows, flatwoods, bottom land and city lots. Water oak is common throughout the southeastern states from southern New Jersey south to Florida to the Mississippi valley, southeastern Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri and west Tennessee. Water oak is a rapid growing tree. Leaves of a mature water oak are usually spatulashaped while leaves of immature saplings can be long and narrow (see examples on plate below). Many describe the leaf as looking like a duck's foot. Q. nigra can be described as nearly evergreen as some green leaves will cling to the tree through the winter. Water Oak Tree Care Water oaks must be trained when young to prevent the crotch from splitting due to poor collar formation and the weight of the side limbs. Young trees

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