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2019-12-07 07:14 Mundic Explained. Grade A3 is a new classification and only determined by a stage 3 test. Depending on the outcome, this is still acceptable by some lenders. Grade B concrete contains a higher level of potentially harmful materials which are not in any way active at present, but it still represents too high a risk for any lender.

Only about 5 of properties fall into Class C, with around 80 of screening tests meeting Class A requirement. Only 15 of properties will show inconclusive results, needing further rounds of testing. Having a mundic block test is a sensible step to assess the future prospects for selling your home. class a mundic test After September 2015. Class A1 (formerly Class A) Sound concrete satisfactory condition. Class A2 (formerly Class AB) Concrete considered sound subject to adequate protection and maintenance. Class A3 (new classification) The development of a Stage 3 Expansion Testing that was formerly designated as Class B,

The test consists of a twostage analysis and a stage three performance assessment. Preliminary Screening Test. The screening test involves making a number of 50 mm diameter drill holes where a core is taken from the external walls, samples of foundations class a mundic test

Daniel Berryman, MD of Cornwall Consultants, which carries out mundic tests across the county, said: There is absolutely some confusion on the issue, mainly with purchasers and the general public. For further information and details of our fees to undertake a Mundic Block Test please submit an enquiry online. Categories up to September 2015 covered under RICS guidance The Mundic Problem Second Edition: Class A Sound concrete satisfactory condition. Crumbling concrete erodes house values in Cornwall and Devon. Lenders and surveyors, with the help of a test devised by the Building Research Establishmen t, have devised a grading system. Any home with Class A concrete is stable and mortgageable; Class C class a mundic test Class A1 PASS MORTGAGEABLE. This is determined by a normal STAGE1 screening test, the most common test undertaken and always the starting point. About 80 of Stage1 tests achieve Class A1. Although ClassA1 samples cannot change, samples are only taken at certain points. Mundic can occur in a property Classed A1, Mundic block explained, selling a mundic block problem house in UK, you can get a fast cash offer on any property affected by Mundic Block Problem. The Mundic Block Screening Test. The test requires several stages and the quality of the concrete is graded accordingly. Our house had a Mundic test in 1983 which was clear. In 1994 we had a Mundic test in our name under RIC guidelines which was Category A. Now we are in the process of remortgaging. The banks surveyorvaluer has requested a Mundic test but the bank wont send the surveyorvaluer our Mundic report because its over 6 years old. A Mundic Block Guide. The building materials must be tested to establish the condition of the dwelling; the test is made up of a two stage analysis and a stage three performance assessment. The present screening test was developed in 1994, and later revised in

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