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2019-12-09 08:22 Nov 29, 2011  Unlike what other developers are doing with class structures, like ArenaNet's approach in Guild Wars 2, in The Old Republic, a dedicated healer is

Jan 03, 2012 No, there's currently no way to change your Advance Class. As for the healers, Sages are best at singletarget, burst healing. They are your more traditional healers. old republic best healing class Each faction in The Old Republic has four different Classes. Although each class has an analogous one on the other side, they are not identical.

Feb 15, 2016 The Best Now, often when people ask which healing class they should choose, what they really mean is: Which healing class is currently the most overpowered? As of 4. 0, SagesSorcerers are the kings of ranked PvP healing, however in casual PvP and in PvE all healing classes are viable. old republic best healing class

How to Choose a Class Star Wars The Old Republic. The Sage advanced class is also one of the best for healing allies. Sages use a single lightsaber to defeat enemies who come too close. Official video gives you an idea of what the Consular is all about and the advanced classes available. From Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki Jump to: navigation, search A class is a professional classification of a player character and determines what abilities, weapons, armor, missions, and companions a character has access to. Jun 28, 2013 Maybe some of (imo) perks of each class can help you decide: Sage: Amazing single target healing due to being so dependant on; Rejuvenate Healing Trance for energy management, it also heals tons, supported by the best AoE heal ingame due to the fact it targets 8 people. old republic best healing class Base class: Republic Trooper. Unstoppable and utterly fearless, Vanguards are the first and best line of defense in the Republic military. They can perform as Tanks or Melee Damage Dealers and prefer to use Assault Rifles. Available Combat Disciplines: Shield Specialist, Plasmatech and Tactics. Dec 16, 2011 This is a comparison of the healers, based on what I've played and what other testers have said. There are three healing ACs (advance classes) in the game per faction. They are Operative, Sorceror, and Mercenary on the Empire, and Scoundrel, Sage, and Commando on Republic.

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