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2019-11-18 10:51 May 24, 2018 i am using cisco ios Version 12. 1(3r)T2, 1) ip classless is used to accept classless ip address like. 1. 0, if i configure no ip classless it will not allow the ip address like this it will only allow classfull ip address but i tried it in the router after configring

Classless routing table and default gateway behave like you would expect; it is on by default with ip classless command. Classful routing table and default route has 1 restriction on whether default router is used or not. Classless and CIDR allows us to summarize networks and create supernets, and using discontinuous networks. ip classless cisco IP Classless. Where the ip classless configuration command falls within the routing and forwarding processes is often confusing. In reality, IP classless only affects the operation of the forwarding processes in IOS; it doesn't affect the way the routing table is built.

Sep 23, 2016 just want to know more about how packet forwarding decison is affected by the differences of classless and classful routing behaviors and classless and classful routing protocols. Views Classful vs classless routingip classless (default) vs no ip classless. Cisco Certification Exam Topics; ip classless cisco

ip classless stops that from happening to allow routing between subnets. hope this was a good explaination of IP classless Kevin The forwarding behavior that I described above is called classless routing and it has been the default since IOS 11. 3. This is an ancient version, it went endofsale around 1998 so classless routing is the only thing that most people know about nowadays. What is an IP classless and classful network? Update Cancel. a d b y S a f e r V P N. Browse the web with a reliable and secured VPN. Get a VPNand access any blocked content and browse privately with a reliable VPN. An IP is not classfull or classless but this ip classless cisco I am having trouble logging into one of my remote switches (SSH2 via TACACS) I can log into a different one succesfully at the same site. The only difference i can see in the configuration is the one it fails on has the 'no ip classless' line on it. May 09, 2011 Use the ip classless global configuration command to instruct the Cisco IOS software to forward these packets to the best supernet route. A supernet route is a route that covers a greater range of subnets with a single entry. 'ip classless' merely changes this behavior so that if I don't have a specific route to that specific subnet, regardless of class of network, regardless of what else is in my route table, then I pass it out the default.

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